Vote Early!


Did you know Minnesota voting laws were changed so anyone can vote early? Simply visit to request your absentee ballot. While you are on the website, you can register to vote, find your polling location, and even see a sample ballot! Tell your friends that they don’t need to wait to vote for Zack until November 4th, they can do it right now! Visit

Visit Zack’s Team at the Fair!

Hey everyone! Zack is heading out this week for two weeks of Annual Training for the National Guard. But don’t worry, there will still be a Zack Liebl for Mayor booth at the Kandiyohi County Fair! Be sure to stop in and show your support, pick-up some free ‘swag,’ and visit with his team. The booth will be outside, right by the 4H Building!

The fair is this upcoming week, August 6th – August 9th!

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Willmar Fests

What an amazing week in Willmar during Willmar Fests!  Zack and his team were out and about helping to ‘Paint the Town Green’ with his positive message of our community’s future. The parade on Saturday was perfect.  Amazing crowd, amazing weather, and amazing volunteers.  The team consisted of all ages, ethnicities, and genders; just like our great city!  So many people were cheering Zack on and sharing about how excited they are for this change coming to Willmar.

Paint the Town Green!

Paint the Town

It’s time to ‘Paint the Town!’

$1,000 Money Bomb- Raise it all in 2 weeks!

Most political campaigns use the standard red, white, or blue so people are asking, “Why has Zack chosen the color green?”  There are two answers to this question:

  • Green is a great non-partisan color!  The last thing we need is partisan politics at the local level – choosing green demonstrates that Zack is open and receptive to ALL policy ideas.
  • Green is the color of a new season, new beginnings.  Zack will bring a new, young, and fresh perspective to the city of Willmar.

It is vital that Zack’s campaign has the necessary resources in order to ensure victory in 2014.  That is why we need you to ‘Paint the Town Green!’  Help us get Zack’s name and message out to help build even more support throughout the community.  From June 1st through June 15th we will be dropping a ‘money bomb’ with a goal of $1,000. There are many ways YOU can help:Make a $25 donation to Zack’s campaign

  1. Pass this e-mail on to friends and family and ask them to donate $25 to Zack’s campaign
  2. Sign-up online for a removable bumper sticker, t-shirt, and yard sign to show your support
  3. Share the campaign’s Facebook page on your own Facebook page and ask your friends to donate $25
  4. Be sure to use #PaintTheTownGreen in Twitter and Facebook posts so everyone can follow all of the exciting updates!

These are just a few simple things you can do to help bring a fresh, GREEN perspective to Willmar!

These are just a few small things that can help us out a TON!

And of course, if you are really passionate about making a change in Willmar, each person (eligible to vote in the United States) can donate up to $300 this year to Zack’s campaign.

Onward to victory in 2014!